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Geocache: NFA-3 A Dam, Nice Walk - Geo-Hostel Database

About Geocache: NFA-3 A Dam, Nice Walk

Previous Entry Geocache: NFA-3 A Dam, Nice Walk Apr. 15th, 2004 @ 04:00 pm Next Entry
Geocache Location: N 44° 24.261 W 074° 11.439

A nice longish walk ending with a short bush-whack.
There are 3 probable starting points for the approach to this cache, all are about the same distance from the cache. The walk in is mostly along powerline right-of-ways, and is level and a pleasant walk through some nice forest and bog country. This cache could be buggy in the summer months

The cache container is a one gallon translucent plastic jar with a white lid. It is not in plain view, but should be easy enough to find for experienced geocachers. This geocache should be possible in all 4 seasons, although the degree of difficulty will be higher in particularly cold or snowy times of the year. The geocache has a logbook, pencil & sharpener, and the following treasures:
Survival Whistle
NFA Coin
Buffalo Nickel
Steel 1943 Penny
NFA sticker
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